JAWS Laundry Detergent Fundraiser

Hi Parents,

We are running our Jaws Laundry Detergent Fundraiser again! 
There are 6 different types of detergent for purchase at a cost of  $45 per bucket.  Each laundry bucket is 5 gallons in size and can wash 640 loads of laundry.  A pump is attached to the bucket for easy access to the detergent.  The feedback from last year’s sale was very positive! Families liked the convenience of the detergent and felt it was a quality product.  Many hair salons, tanning salons, and gyms bought from our students last year.  As these businesses reopen in the future, they may appreciate the easy access to this economical laundry detergent.
The profit for each bucket is $9 and that amount can increase the more buckets that we sell.  Remember that 75% of the profit will go to the student’s individual account and 25% of the profit will go the general fund for the band. 

This fundraiser will start on May 19th and end on June 9th
Delivery will be around the end of June/ beginning of July. Once we have a specific delivery date, we will let you know.  Any buckets ordered will be delivered directly to the band member’s house to ensure contactless delivery.

Indoor Guard Show

Tournament Indoor Association, the umbrella organization in which our indoor guard competes, has cancelled the remainder of the season.  There will not be any further indoor guard competitions this season.  ALL OF US need to give a HUGE and BIG WAHOO to the members of the indoor guard whose season was abruptly shortened, then halted, for hanging in there and doing the best that they could under these circumstances.  EVERYONE – PLEASE DO THIS GIRLS a BIG BIG favor, and take a moment to watch their show by clicking the link below and then applaud them for their efforts!!!!!  -Mr Hilborn