Battle Plan Somerest Regional Exchange 11/3 Easton FB Playoff Game 11/3 NJ Regional Competition 11/4

***there are MANY variables in this plan!


Thur, Nov 2

Bring ALL uniforms in garment bags to practice


Fri, Nov 3

8:00 am – Somerset Regional HS arrives

8:15 – SRHS unloads equipment at stadium

9:00 – SRHS Rehearsal in stadium

9:45 – middle school students report to MS bandroom; walk to HS bandroom w/ me

HS Block 3 – report to bandroom; load equipment unto trailer, everyone move to stadium ASAP; store equipment in endzone/pit along fence/horns drums in cases

12:00 – SRHS rehearsal ends

12:20 – everyone in cafeteria combined lunch

1:00 – SRHS and NHS bands perform and critique each other

2:00 – SRHS pack equipment up; NHS load ALL equipment onto truck/trailer (loading crew and pit make arrangements to stay after 2:30 to finish loading)

5:15 – HS bandroom opened

5:20 – Official report time; change into FULL uniform

5:40 – Depart for Easton HS (again…)

6:00 – Arrive Easton HS and unload

9:30 – Approximate departure from Easton HS

10:00 – Arrive back at NHS

Leave trucks loaded

10:15 – approximate dismissal time


Sat, Nov 4

9:30 – HS bandroom opened

9:40 – Official report time

10:00 – Depart Nazareth HS

***PACK FOOD for Lunch!!!!! Eat on the bus

11:45 – Arrive at Old Bridge HS, bathrooms, unload, change

12:50 – Stretch

1:00 – Visual warm-up

1:30 – Music warm-up

2:00 – Depart for Gate

2:15 – At gate

2:30 – Prelims performance of “4”

4:00 – Prelims Awards ceremony

***4:45 pm APPROX – Band parents will provide a “TAILGATE DINNER” for all band members and WAHOO fans/parents ASAP after awards. If we make finals, our performance time is TBA. If we do not make finals, we will depart for NHS at ABOUT 6:00 pm (in this case we would return to NHS at about 7:30 pm).. You will need to communicate with your parents our performance status as soon as it is known.

6:30 – Finals begin, 1st band performs

9:45 – Finals awards

10:45 – Depart Stadium

12:15 – Arrive back at NHS; unload

12:30 – Approximate dismissal time


At the present time, there is no way to know if we will make finals or not. You will need to text/communicate with your parents our schedule AFTER prelim awards are announced. If we do make finals, it is a random draw as to our performance time in finals…which means we might perform at 6:30, or we might perform as late as 9:30.


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